Tom Pittner

Tom and son

Ben_and_Tom_Pittner Ohio Staff Cook

Tom has been a nature lover ever since he was a little boy and nothing much has changed.  He has an uncanny ability to teach himself from books and experimentation.  He created a perfectly braintanned deer hide on his first attempt and made a gorgeous native american flute without instruction or even batting an eyelash.  You could throw him the challenge of taking 30 pounds of...

...elk and venison for 100 people and you will get an amazing result.  Tom uses many of these same skills when he cooks for the Ohio Coyote Trais events.  He combines his love of experimentation with a sound knowledge of healthy, whole foods.  No one leaves hungry and all participants have the energy they need to keep up with whatever the day entails.  In his spare time he is a loving father of two and a wonderful partner to his wife of 15 years.  Tom hopes to also add Instructor to his title so he can continue to bring his many skills to CT programming.