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Coyote Trails School of Nature

2931 South Pacific Highway

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Shout-out from the CT staff

When's the last time YOU played in the dirt!?

staff planting tulip bulbs


Follow us -- Why Not?!


building shelter

oh, AND we had fun at Learn-a-palooza at the Medford Library!


What's goin' on?!

GLAD YOU ASKED, Instructor Steve Cossin wants to give you some updates on the Coyote Trails Nature Center -- Check it out. AND/OR you could come on down and see for yourself how much has changed in the past year! Great place to visit for a peaceful lunch break, a place to walk your dog, do some tracking or to bring your family. 

"Most recently this last week a group of us got together and planted several hundred tulip bulbs which will lay in wait and make for a spectacular sight come spring. The Medford Youth Cooperative of The Job Council recently finished building two 30′ long vine fences (see picture below) for future edibles such as grapes, raspberries, and the like. We are also honored to congratulate Josh, who recently became an Eagle scout with Troop 48. He, as part of his work with the Boy Scouts, built 16 bird boxes (see picture to right), 6 wood duck boxes, and 3 bat boxes for CTNC..." (want the full story? click here!)

CTNC trails


The Chinook Salmon are here once again

Swimming 139 miles from the Pacific Ocean, just a few weeks ago was the first sighting of the Chinook Salmon in Bear Creek along the Nature Center property. Click here for a video that Molly Kreuzman captured the other week. Feel free to come by any time to view them -- they are much larger than you may think!


Tinctures available in the Coyote Den

Two medicinal tinctures made by kitchen intern Dirk Minton are now available: Duel extracted Chaga mushroom for adaptation and strengthening the immune system; and St. Johns Wort for mood elevation which is great for fall and winter weather. Chaga is priced at $25 and St. Johns Wort is $11. If interested please contact Coyote Trails at 541.772.1390. 

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