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Scholarships Available for Summer -- APPLY NOW!

We're working hard at Coyote Trails to make sure everyone has equal-access to learning from Nature. We have scholarships available for Summer 2013. They are based on a first-come, first-served basis, so apply now! We are also happy to set-up a monthly-payment plan with you. 

Where can you find the Financial Assistance Application? Right here, on our website. 



Coyote Trail recently finished teaching a 5 week Visual Journaling course taught through Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at SOU. This course was taught by Coyote Trails on-staff artist Mari Burck. During the class students learned a variety of different journaling and creative brainstorming techniques that incorporated writing, drawing, and mixed media. A main theme was fostering creative habit building in order to make journaling, introspection and reflection a part of your everyday life. Assignments and exercises explored themes such as collections, list making, memory and association mapping, personal ritual, routines, and tracking. This spring term, students walked away with a toolkit full of brainstorming tools and new ideas to inspire them to continue expressing themselves through creative means! The Visual Journaling class will run again at the Coyote Trails Nature Center this fall!

A similar class called The Nature of Creativity will be run for students ages 13-18 at the Coyote Trails Nature Center, July 15th -19th. This class will focus on visual journaling and creative writing in conjunction with nature observation.


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Bee Tree Garden; Food Forest in the Works!

Join us on a food forest adventure, told by Lara Scanlon. There are many forces working hard to make this garden a self-sustaining, renewable space for both food and skills projects, and it has all started to come together:

"Back at the garden, we planted our guilds, starting with fruit trees- peaches, apricots, and cherries! Then in a ring around the trees we planted garlic and onions to keep unwanted pests from messing with our tree roots. Then we put yarrow in to draw nutrients from the soil, and strawberries to act as an edible ground cover. Blueberries will provide us with berries and create a mid-story plant and fava beans will draw nitrogen for the other plants. Thyme and oregano will give us spices to make pizza in the fall while also providing soil cover, and artichokes will bring in pollinators, give us delicate artichokes to eat, and we can cut the leaves all summer to create mulch."

Click here to join Lara for her full story!

Bee Tree explanation


Tackling Goals & Stewardship Roles

We've been going head-strong and heart-song toward the goals of giving kids of ALL ages the opportunity to commune with Nature and to learn the science and art of primitive living skills. Check out the re-cap Sam Forti put together about what we've accomplished in the past year!

Also, Molly has put together a little Q&A about Coyote Trails' Nature Center, what we've been up to and where we're going in order to restore the land. Check that out below!

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The happenings this summer at CTNC

Hey... What's going on at Coyote Trails' Nature Center?? Glad you asked!! -- We are staring the multi-year process of getting rid of the invasive weeds here at the Coyote Trails Nature small task!!

Check out Molly's full story here. 

Thanks to our many amazing volunteers who are helping in this effort!!


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