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Web Link eNature

eNature is a great destination for information about the wild animals and plants of the United States.

Web Link Bird I.D.
An accurate and fast search engine to identify birds of North, South and Central America.
Web Link Bird Feather I.D.
This website is designed to assist feather identification by providing high-resolution scans of flight feathers of major groups of North American birds.
Web Link CyberTracker, South Africa

Our Vision CyberTracker Conservation is a non-profit organization that promotes the vision of a Worldwide Environmental Monitoring Network. Our ultimate vision is that smart phone users worldwide will use CyberTracker to capture observations on a daily basis. Data streaming into the Internet (the Cloud) will make it possible to visualise changes in the global ecosystem in real time.

Our Mission is to help communities and individuals to monitor their own environment

Web Link EarthSky

A clear voice for science from the worlds top scientists!

Web Link Wildlife Trackers
A venue to foster and promote the application of animal tracking skills in North America and beyond.
Web Link Cyber Guide to Animal Tracks and Sign

Use this site to browse photos of animal tracks, scats, and other signs. Started by our tracking friends Jonah and Ciel

Web Link Emergency Preparation Kits

Good Preparation and Conscious planning is what makes the difference in getting through a large Weather Event.

Being accountable for yourself and your loved ones in advance of an emergency situation provides comfort and peace of mind.

Web Link Positive News Inspiration for a change

Positive News is the world’s first publication dedicated to reporting positive developments. We take a solution-focused perspective on the challenges facing society.

Through compelling and rigorous journalism, we aim to inform, inspire and empower our readers, while helping create a more balanced and constructive media.