How will students with disabilities or emotional concerns have their needs met?

The outdoors provides a unique opportunity for students of all backgrounds to shine. In order to create the best learning opportunity possible for all of our students, it is important for us to know ahead of time about any special needs that should be addressed. Although our instructors are experienced at addressing a variety of needs amongst our students, no one knows your student better than you. We are open to suggestions or insights regarding the needs or behavior of a particular student. At Coyote Trails, we know that consistency and structure provide a sense of security for many students, and we have instructors with extensive training and certification in regards to special needs students. Please feel free to ask us specific questions ahead of time.

$25 - Pays for one student to attend a weekend class 
$70 - Feeds one student for a week at summer camp
$175 - Pays for one student to attend day camp for a week 
$725 - Pays for one student to attend our weeklong "Fox Trail Adventure"  overnight program 
$1,225 - Pays for a parent and child to our weeklong "Fox Trail Adventure" overnight program