Does Coyote Trails Offer Teachers Training Seminars

Coyote Trails offers special weekend Teachers' Training Seminars as well as in school classroom visits. It is in the expansiveness of Nature that students come alive and learn to listen what is being said between the words, to see the space between the leaves, and to embody a new way of learning. Our experience and feedback from both public and private school teachers has been remarkable. Students learn to interact with each other outside their usual classroom setting and dynamically engage each other, resulting in a much more productive and receptive student.

Training Seminars:

Nature connection education is crucial for all teachers. Nature connection helps students in a myriad of ways by providing inspiration, motivation and focus. Connecting to the local landscape allows students to write, experiment, synthesize and evaluate curriculum in a hands-on manner. Just using some of the simple and quick techniques learned through Coyote Trails School of Nature can ignite student passion and fuel learning in a very deep way.  Please don't take our word for it read some our teacher's letters of recommendation found here on this site.

- What is the success of our curriculum through your schools, Coyote Trails Adventure Club or our frequent visits to your class?

"Nature connection is a permanent and daily exercise utilized in our program. The result has been increased interest in the class, increased awareness, and most importantly an increase in student vitality. When combined with sit-spot journaling we have seen an increase in writing scores on state assessments."  -Jason Imbrognio Middle School Teacher

$25 - Pays for one student to attend a weekend class 
$70 - Feeds one student for a week at summer camp
$175 - Pays for one student to attend day camp for a week 
$725 - Pays for one student to attend our weeklong "Fox Trail Adventure"  overnight program 
$1,225 - Pays for a parent and child to our weeklong "Fox Trail Adventure" overnight program