How do you handle emergencies in Oregon?

The safety of everyone at Coyote Trails School of Nature is of utmost importance.  We have a trained EMT on staff and all instructors are trained in emergency medical assistance and CPR.  We are also fortunate to be able to conduct our courses close to one of the most well respected medical communities in the Northwest.

If a participant needs to go to the emergency room, The Asante Ashland Community Hospital is the closest hospital. 

If your child is in need of special assistance or daily medication, please consult with our medical director on staff. We are happy to accommodate you and any of your childrens' special needs.

$25 - Pays for one student to attend a weekend class 
$70 - Feeds one student for a week at summer camp
$175 - Pays for one student to attend day camp for a week 
$725 - Pays for one student to attend our weeklong "Fox Trail Adventure"  overnight program 
$1,225 - Pays for a parent and child to our weeklong "Fox Trail Adventure" overnight program