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Courses and Classes

All of our classes are available for public school, private school/groups, charter school, and homeschool groups. Class series available for all topics.

This is a generalized list of the types of classes we provide. We customize each program for each group, & account for the time of year (for example: Edible & Medicinal Plants class will be different in winter than it will be in late spring). In general, we try to keep a small age range for a group in order to provide the best learning conditions for the students, but we are willing to work with groups who have a larger age range as well.

Program Title

Grade Level



Wilderness Navigator!


Compass, survival, and landscape study

1-4 hours

Survival Science!


Shelter, water, fire food: science keeps you alive!

2+ hours



Animal tracking, movement, and identification

1-6 hours

Earth Art


Baskets, cordage, flint knapping*, dyes, natural crafting

4+ Hours

Fire I


Matches, strikers, and fire structure.

2-4 Hours

Fire II


Steel and flint, bow drill, hand drill, tinder bundle

2-4 Hours



Debris hut, structure and science

2+ hours

Early Civilization


Food prep/cook, keeping camp, hide tanning*, water purification

3-6 Hours

Edible & Medicinal Plants


Edible, native plants, and medicinal uses

1-2 Hours

Evolution of…


Hunting or fire technologies through time

2-4 Hours

Awareness studies I


Intro to awareness, wilderness movement

1-4 Hours

Awareness studies II


Advanced landscape awareness and movement

2-4 Hours

Little Foxes @ School


Nature exploration, introduction to skills

1-4 Hours

Visual Journaling


Multimedia documentation of experiences and memories

2-4 Hours

The Art of Thrival


Comfort crafting: seats, mats, baskets, keeping camp

2-4 Hours

Leadership: Practices for Self


Introduction to mentorship, learning to work in a team

2-4 Hours

Movement and Awareness


Natural movement, early human and landscape studies, ecology

2-4 Hours

Wilderness Safety & Survival


Lost-proofing/navigation, intro to survival, basic first aid (no certification)

2-6 Hours

Traditional Handcrafts


Baskets, cordage, flint knapping*, natural crafting

2-5 Hours

Estimated Costs

Adjusted for number of students & program length. If additional preparation and/or materials are required, there will be additional costs. Joint grant writing opportunites are available; contact us with your specific class needs. 

Day Classes (for groups of 5 or more students):
1-2 hour Workshop: $6- $20 per student.
3-5 hour Workshop: $10 - $35 per Student.

Small Group Day Classes:
Classes for groups of less than five are priced on a sliding scale of $20- $65 per student for a 1-5 hour class.

Day Camps:
$145- $260

Weekend Overnights
$195 - $295

Weeklong Overnights
$675 - $1599

Extended Overnight classes (2 weeks-1 month)
$1200 - $4700

Class Prices vary depending on number of students, cost of materials, length of class, travel costs, etc. To schedule a class with us, or to get an exact price quote, contact our Program Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 541-772-1390.

For more information on Private Skills Mentoring contact our office!

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