Owl Trail Courses

OWL TRAIL: The owl has both keen eyesite and hearing. They can adjust in an instant from afar to pinpoint and gain invaluable perspectives where nothing escapes thier wide field of vision. The knowledge and wisdom of the owl offers new insights into ourselves and the natural world.

OWL TRAIL CLASSES: Philosophy of Nature, Advanced Philosophy of Nature, Philosophy of Nature III-V, Earth Stewardship.

Owl III- V

Advanced Owl Trail classes delve further into bridging personal gaps. For information please contact us directly.        

Tuition:$650 per week     





Owl Trail: Earth Stewardship

Offered to ages 12-70+
Pre-requisites: Advanced Philosophy of Nature

During this class students can integrate all the skills from the Owl Trail of Study to his/her life. At one time, all indigenous people on the planet from Argentina to Ireland, and Asia to Australia considered the Earth to be a garden. They tended to all plants and animals ensuring the survival of all species. Today we find many opportunities to put back into practice these ways and to incorporate new positive modalities of learning into our lives. What does it mean to be a human being on this planet right now? 10 years ago? 100 years ago? What is our children's relationship to the Earth today? This class draws into focus the balance between our role in society and being true stewards of the land.

Tuition: $675 per week

Owl Trail: Advanced Philosophy of Nature

Offered to ages 7-70+
Pre-requisite: Fox Trail Adventure and Philosophy of Nature

As a graduate of our introductory Philosophy of Nature class, you have had a glimpse of where this week begins. Together we venture further down the Owl Trail and learn more tools to bring Inner Silence into our daily lives by bridging both the conscious and sub-conscious minds through a very real and dynamic process. Activities focus on deepening your own personal relationship with nature and your own intuition. The excitement surrounding this class is difficult to explain through words alone.

Tuition: $675 per week

Owl Trail: Philosophy of Nature

Offered to ages 7-70+
Pre-requisite: Fox Trail Adventure

In our philosophy of nature classes we study our relationship to all things great and small. We explore inward silence, uncover methods for improving our awareness skills and learn techniques to balance ourselves within the natural world. As we focus on the opening of all senses, this class brings the students closer to the life that is all around us. For families, we help facilitate a deeper connection within yourself and your family. Parents/adults learn to explore their own inner trail and have the opportunity to heal and grow as individuals. Younger students are exposed to a similar path through games and interactive wilderness adventures. These skills are designed to be carried home and practiced together opening the family unit to the wonder and exploration that exists within each and every moment. This is one of those weeks that leaves a positive and lasting impression for years to come. Adults and parents are in separate learning groups from the youth and teens, some evening activities and all meals are shared together.

 Be prepared for an amazing adventure into these new and exciting places of healing!

Tuition: $675 per week
$985 for 2 people (child with parent or guardian)
$500 for each additional family member