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Summer of 2018 there will be no day classes offered for students 17 & under. Watch for our wilderness immersion programs. Please click here for a link to our latest newsletter explaining our newly changing programs.

Offered to ages 7-70+

Pre-requisites: Fox Trail Adventure

This advanced 4 day intensive skills course hones and polishes the survival skills and craft work that were only introduced during the Fox Trail Adventure. These primitive living skills are works of art in the truest sense in both beauty and function. The people's lives depended on their knowledge and craftsmanship. These skills  function as a bridge into deeper awareness levels!

Bear Skills Intensive

July 6-9, 2012

This class will center on the practical, core skills needed to survive the first three days of a self-reliance situation. Often times, these are the only three days… after which you are either rescued, walk out, or are ready to stay in the wilderness indefinitely.

Skills will include:

 Shelter- principles, location and construction.

*Debris hut    *Tarp shelters

*Debris-pi      *Stacked debris walls

*Lean-to         *Insulation philosophy

 Water- sources, filtration/purification and containers

*Bark containers and bottles           *primitive filters

*Rock boiling                                     *commercial filters/tablets

*Carrying & Storage

 Fire- friction, sparks and sunlight

*Primitive bow drill              *Stone tools & percussion flaking

*Flint strikers                                    *Bark & rootlet cordage

*Charred cloth

 Food- trees, plants and animals

*Wild edible plants               *Throwing stick

*Survival stew                       *Hunting and Trapping

*Slow-moving protein          * Hide-tanning

Various skills to include:

-Survival baskets

-Emergency tinder bundles

-Advanced traps and techniques

-Signaling, navigation and travel

-Advanced sign tracking

This is an opportunity to practice what you learned upon the Fox Trail.  Adults and parents are in separate learning groups from the youth and teens, some evening activities and all meals are shared together.

This class begins at Noon on the 6th and ends at 3PM on the 9th.

Tuition: $450 (a $115 deposit is due at registration)
$725 for 2 people (child with parent or guardian)
$300 for each additional family member

Gear List

·        Sheath Knife

·        7’ x 7’ Tarp or large poncho (earth toned color)

·        Fire starting device

·        20yds of 550 cord

·        Water container

·        Small Cook pot (for boiling)

·        Sleeping bag or wool blanket

·        Mosquito netting

·        Notebook

·        Headlamp

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