What happened here last night?  Whose tracks are those?  When did these plants change?  Why are those birds flying that way?  How do I move more quietly?  These are some questions we embrace as we come to know our urban neighborhood outdoor environment.  Participants will gain hands-on opportunities for learning the wonders of nature through quiet observation and active exploration.  Naturalist subject areas to be addressed: survival necessities (shelter, fire, water, food); local wildlife/plant studies; environmental ethics and awareness through games/crafts.  Participants will journal their nature immersion through writing, art, and storytelling performance.  

No experience required! Please pre-register through North Mountain Park.

Ages: 4-12

Instructors: Michele Pavilionis - Coyote Trails School of Nature

Cost: $100.00

Location: North Mountain Park Nature Center - Ashland, Oregon

Time: 9am-Noon

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