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Summer of 2018 there will be no day classes offered for students 17 & under. Watch for our wilderness immersion programs. Please click here for a link to our latest newsletter explaining our newly changing programs.

“Every year I am asked if Coyote Trails is coming back to our classroom, and every year I try to find a way to make it happen.” – Heather Korman, 5th Grade Teacher.

This day-camp features the famous Coyote Trails core curriculum, mixing Primitive Living Skills and forms of Artistic Expression that have been lived by our ancestors, all over the world. We will spend the week learning how to survive in the woods, as well as make art from what the Earth provides. Above all, the most important skill we teach is the cultivation of an imaginative and questioning mind. Come learn how to play outside in a whole new (and ancient) way!
Location: Coyote Trails' Jefferson Nature Center - Medford, Oregon
Begins: 9:00am on the 20th through 3pm on the 24th (unless you remain for the art show Friday until 4:30)
Price: $215 per student
Ages: 7-17
Capacity: 45

Earth-Art!  - Clay, paints and pencils - Mud, leaves and grass - the artistic exploration of nature.
Students are introduced to the natural world in a new and exciting way and given a chance to experience their own relationship with nature and creativity. All done in the tradition of the Fine Arts Camp at Earth Teach.

The building blocks of this new relationship are rooted in the ancient Primitive Living Skills and forms of Artistic Expression that were lived by all people throughout the world. These practices include mask making, natural sculpting projects, watercolor, sketching, creative journaling, storytelling, music, dance, personal shelter construction from only what materials the landscape provides, fire making methods using no matches or lighters, techniques for finding and gathering safe drinking water in the woods, silent movement, observing animals and birds, tracks and sign, and feeling the sense of belonging and fellowship with the forest. Above all, the most important skill is the cultivation of the imagination and the wonder of a Questioning mind.

Through the blended guidance of talented local professional artists with skilled Coyote Trails instructors, Earth Art students will find a deeper appreciation for cultural and creative diversity, and begin an amazing exploration of their own artistic relationship with nature, themselves, and their community. Registration begins promptly at 9:00am on the first day of class with pickup at 3:00pm each afternoon except Friday's culminating art show which begins at 3:30pm. Please bring your entire family to the Art Show on Friday to see the creativity and hear your child's story of the week.

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