Please Note

Summer of 2018 there will be no day classes offered for students 17 & under. Watch for our wilderness immersion programs. Please click here for a link to our latest newsletter explaining our newly changing programs.

Location: Coyote Trails Campus, Earth Teach Forest Park, Oregon
Begins: Noon the 25th through 4pm on the 30th
Value: $675 per student; $985 parent and child; $500 each additional family member
Capacity: 45
Instructors: Joe Kreuzman, Eirik Morgan and the CTSN team

Pre-requisite: None (first time students under 10 should be accompanied by an adult)

Open to all ages 7-70+

Join us for a week of fun and learning for all ages, youth to adult. Have you ever wanted to feel more comfortable in the woods? Learn to be so aware that you sense the movements of animals before you see them? This is a where the trail begins. Students will be introduced to the natural world in a new and exciting way and given a chance to experience their own relationship with the Forest and those animals who live there. The building blocks of this new relationship are rooted in the ancient Primitive Living Skills that were lived by all people throughout the world. During this 6 day course we teach the following skills: debris hut shelter - a stick and leaf shelter built from surrounding materials; bow drill fire - a method of fire-making without matches; techniques of finding and gathering safe drinking water in the woods; stalking and movement; an introduction to the vast methods of tracking; nature awareness and observation; the art of moving silently and unseen in the forest; an effective use of field guides; methods of naturalist journaling; animal study - through body movement and performance; and the philosophy of living with the earth - taught through storytelling and caretaker principles. Above all, the most important skill is the cultivation of the imagination and the wonder of a Questioning mind.  We will teach these skills entirely through hands-on and experiential learning techniques.  This course is also open to families and Grandparents to attend with their children or grandchildren. This positive experience produces lasting results where the parent and child continue to grow together long after they have returned home. All of our programs are also open to students with Special Needs, we encourage parents to contact us directly so that we may best accommodate each individual. Adults and parents are in separate learning groups from the youth and teens while some evening activities and all meals are shared together.

Register now with a $275 deposit per partcipant. Call us with questions, we look forward to speaking with you in person.